New Features!

Bigcommerce store connector 

  • Pulls orders from Bigcommerce into SalesWarp
  • SalesWarp Product Sync pulls in basic product data, including name, SKU, price, description, images, quantity
  • SalesWarp pushes inventory updates for synced products to Bigcommerce
  • SalesWarp pushes shipment tracking number to Bigcommerce to complete an order
  • SalesWarp pushes order cancellation to Bigcommerce


Zendesk Plugin

  • Now users can submit tickets to the SalesWarp support team without leaving the software.
  • The plugin allows you to write ticket details and attach screenshots
  • Easily submit problems, questions and suggestions directly to the SW support team


SendGrid for Emails

  • SalesWarp now integrates with the email service provider SendGrid 
  • This optional integration offers higher visibility in customers’ inboxes of emails sent from SalesWarp
  • Also offers the ability to view a log of all emails sent from SalesWarp


Auto-Update Price Fields

  • Specify price fields per store that will automatically update a product’s price when changed in SalesWarp (works without Publishing add-on)
  • See Watched Fields for more details



  • Step-by-step wizard for setting up your stores
  • Test Mode for stores
  • Product Sync now works with Magento and identifies products missing a SKU
  • Publishing Add-on
        • Improved speed for publishing in bulk
        • Listing products to Magento from SalesWarp is easier than ever. With the Publishing Add-on, you can publish entire attribute sets from SalesWarp to Magento without creating a mapping template.
        • Map multiple product aliases to one SKU in SalesWarp, currently available for Amazon. This feature is for fulfillment only, not for pushing product data to Amazon
        • SalesWarp now pulls in Ebay standard categories and categories within your Ebay store for quicker, more accurate mapping
        • Filter published products by SKU, attribute set, product type, category, vendor and manufacturer
        • Blacklist an image in SalesWarp from publishing to a specific store
  • Support for multiple variations per product for configurable products
  • Customer attributes, including custom attributes
  • Multiple address lines per customer
  • Product images display file types and dimensions
  • Upload multiple images per product and choose a main image and gallery images
  • Update Only mode for Product Import
  • Import kits with Product Import
  • Reship and Reorder functionality within an order
  • Ability to add product kits to a Purchase Order



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