New Features!

Product Data Feeds

  • Export product data from SalesWarp into a .csv that can easily be imported into Magento, Amazon, eBay and Bigcommerce
  • No more tedious product data management in Excel!
  • User-friendly menus let you map the product fields in SalesWarp
  • Export by product category or attribute set
  • Included in every base SalesWarp system as a low-cost alternative to publishing via API


Shopify Store Connector

  • Pulls orders from Shopify into SalesWarp
  • SalesWarp Product Sync pulls in basic product data, including name, SKU, price, description, images, quantity, variants
  • SalesWarp pushes inventory updates for synced products to Shopify
  • SalesWarp pushes shipment tracking number to Shopify to complete an order
  • SalesWarp pushes order cancellation to Shopify


Product Serialization (available for SMALL level only)

  • Assign serial numbers to each product unit, by single unit or in bulk
  • Track the status of each serial number: For Sale, Sold, Returned
  • Track the condition of each serial number: New, Used
  • Set rules to specify min. number of characters in the serial numbers used
  • SalesWarp will check to make sure the serial number is unique
  • Serial numbers used for orders, purchase orders and RMAs


Price Levels by Customer Group

  • Segment customers into groups, one-at-a-time or in bulk
  • Create price levels on a product level, i.e. a special price for the product
  • Assign price levels to customer groups
  • Only applicable to orders created inside SalesWarp, not applicable to orders imported from your storefronts


Ebay Global Shipping

  • SalesWarp now integrates with Ebay’s 3PL global shipping program
  • Items that qualify for Ebay Global Shipping will be shipped to the U.S. distribution center




  • SalesWarp now pre-validates product data before attempting to publish
  • Displays errors for why a product cannot be published and what needs to be fixed
  • Products can be published in bulk (up to 500 at a time). After a product fails to publish, SalesWarp will now continue to publish the remaining valid products.



  • Similar to the Order log, the PIM log tracks everything that happens to a product: when it’s created, edited and published, and a record of the user who performed the action


Customer Import

  • Import customer records in bulk with a .csv file, using the new Import tools


Product View Page

  • All links to a product in SalesWarp now go to a read-only view of the product record.
  • This means you’re less likely to make accidental changes to product data. Plus the data is easier to view.


Order Notes per Line item

  • Users can now add internal and customer-facing notes to specific line items on an order. Previously order notes were only available at the order level.
  • If a connected store, such as Bigcommerce, supports line item notes, they will be imported into SalesWarp along with the order
  • Users still have the option of adding order notes at the order level



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