New Features!

Shipping API Now Available

  • API is now live for Endicia (USPS) and UPS
  • SalesWarp is now a certified Endicia partner
  • You can now track shipments directly in SalesWarp
  • You can void shipments directly in SalesWarp

Order Notes per Line item

  • You can now add internal and customer-facing notes to specific line items on any order. Previously order notes were only available at the order level.

Quote Orders Can Now Be Created

  • You can create Quote Orders in SalesWarp
  • Inventory quantity is not deducted until the Quote Order is converted to a Sales Order
  • Quote Order is not activated until confirmed 

Updated Tracking Number Sytem

  • Consolidates pulling tracking numbers from all shipping softwares
  • Consolidates pushing tracking numbers to all channels
  • View log of when/if tracking numbers were pushed to channels
  • Re-push manually if needed 

DropShip Inventory

  • Now you can auto-import your dropshipper's inventory via FTP 

Vendor Management

  • Vendors automatically set up in TEST mode to give you ability to ensure process is working
  • Add custom attributes to any vendor via import or export

Product Management

  • Add multiple product codes to any products
  • You can now set the default status of any product to ACTIVE or INACTIVE


  • Import serial numbers in bulk to make it easier to manage large serialized product catalogs 

Store Set-Up

  • When you set up your store, you'll now have access to videos within the software that give you step-by-step instructions on how to connect SalesWarp to your online store(s). 

New Reports Dashboard

  • Now you can view all of your warehouse metric's in our new Reports Dashboard





  • Now, any time you add a new online store, it is automatically put on TEST mode
  • If you are selling on Amazon UK, you can now connect your listing to SalesWarp
  • With this release, we have relabeled some of the authentication fields for connecting to your Amazon store so make sure you review  

Warehouse FTP Paths

  • All FTP paths must now be unique for each warehouse, because they are unique, aren't they?

UI Improvements

  • Our developers and designers have been hard at work making sure the UI is consistent from section to section so that you can navigate very quickly and easily to the information you need. We know how important your time is. 

Inventory Management Has Gotten Amped Up

  • I think you'll notice this performance improvement. Again, our engineers have given your inventory management tasks and processes a huge boost, as much as (no this isn't a typo) 30,000 times faster processing than before. That's fast.

Suppliers Have Changed Their Name

  • This has been long-standing debate for as long as we've been in business. But at the end of the day, we have decided to change "Suppliers" to "Vendors" to be consistent with our URL naming structure.

 Choosing Shipping Software Has Gotten Easier

  • Rearchitected the back-end to use a unified code base to push tracking numbers to online stores, thereby reducing bugs. This also gave us transparency into when a tracking number failed to push and the ability for a user to manually retrigger said push... I know a lot of technical speak. What it means is we've made it easier to manage tracking numbers and the ability to manually push them to your stores. 


  • Orders can now be split-shipped. Whether you have to ship products from different fulfillment locations or ship out a partial order while you wait for the new inventory to come in, you can get your customers orders as quickly as possible.
  • You can now issue a partial refund against a single transaction ID. This makes refunding so much easier and your customers that much happier.





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